Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our 2009 Goals

Snowee's New Year Goals:
1. Eat a can or pouch of cat food. (I never have! My brother and I have delicate stomachs. :P)
2. Make friends with a dog. (Difficult, but it'll help me build character. =)
3. Catch a non-flightless bird. (That's the hardest one!)

Simba's New Year Goals:
1. Obtain interest in catching birds. (I don't, really!)
2. Learn how to fly. (You know, to catch them birds when I get interested in them.)
3. Eat a whole salmon! (Fish are good. I like fish.)

Here is a picture of us in the first hours of the new year.

It's an illusion; Snowee looks like a larger cat than Simba. Simba is condensed and Snowee is diluted! MOL.

From the blogging cats, Simba & Snowee