Monday, December 29, 2008

Feline Fashion!

This is fashionista Snowee, here with the latest attire update of yours truly, and my brother, Simba!

Our humans bought a late Christmas gift for us! Clothes! A cat can never have enough clothes.

1. A shirt for me.
2. A shirt for Simba.
3. A hat to share.

This is I, with my new roses n' stripes shirt!

Fashion diva Snowee takes a lunch break! (From Simba's food bowl.)

I sure can strike a pose!

Ah! What's that? A penguin?


Aerial view!
I know, I know, I can't believe how cute I look either!

Simba photo shoot! This is the first shirt that fits him. The blue sweater was too small, the striped polo was too loose, but this one is just right!

Like, oh my gosh! It's a rainbow penguin! I bet that's a rare species.

No wait! That's a rainbow penguin-cat! That must be a really rare species!

Whatcha lookin' at Simba? OMG is it a flightless bird?!

Snowee, staying fashionable and loving the flightless bird hat