Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 'Tail' of the Catnip Ball

This is my catnip ball. Solid catnip! Kinda expensive. My human bought it for me a long time ago.

It continuously got lost due to my batting of the catnip ball whenever I saw it. Eventually, it got stuck under the fridge.

When it was finally retrieved, it was placed into a baggie for good measure, and only taken out when I had to have my wonderfully sharp claws dulled, you know, to distract me.

So, this is what happens: Clip, catnip, nip, catnip! I bite when I get my claws clipped. I don't like it when my furniture destructive capable claws become less furniture destructive capable.

Afterwards, if I am good, I get to play with my catnip ball some more.

Then I favor the baggie more than the solid catnip ball.
I get tired and lay down on the baggie.Then I love my catnip ball again!

Simba, still catnip crazy!